Ripped Abs Tips To Succeed

To many people it seems that there is an almost mystical quality to well defined ripped abs and just as many treat it as the holy grail of bodybuilding. As such far too many people believe that they are much harder to achieve than they actually are. The plain facts are that the abdominals are a group of muscles that can be developed and defined in exactly the same way as any other muscle group.
Getting ripped abs is not rocket science, and while there is of course a certain amount of technical information you need to know, the secret to achieving your goals can be narrowed down to three or four areas and as long as you furnish yourself with enough knowledge of these areas then you WILL make it happen and ripped abs will be yours. However, all the information and education in the world will be completely useless unless you put it into action, set your goals and stick to them. You will make it happen by concentrating on the following areas:

1. Weight Training

There is no getting away from it, weight training is absolutely essential to getting ripped abs and muscular definition in every part of your body. You will need to establish exactly what you are trying to achieve. If you are looking to build mass and strength in your abdominals then you will need to concentrate on lifting heavier weights with less reps. The reverse is also true, if you want leaner abs then concentrate on lifting a lighter weight but counteract this by increasing your rep rate. The great news here though is that the more muscle you develop in your abs then the more this muscle will eat away at the fatty deposits in your belly to provide the muscles with the energy they need. The leaner you are the better your chance of seeing those ripped abs.

2. Diet

This is absolutely fundamental in your quest for ripped abs and the body you have always desired. It is also the one area that is ignored far too much by the vast majority of occasional trainers. The bottom line is that if you have a great workout and then go straight to Burger King for a double whopper meal and shake then you will simply never achieve your goals. This may sound obvious but you would be amazed at how many people actually do this.
To achieve ripped abs and muscular definition you will need to have a carefully thought out diet plan in place. To build muscle mass you will need to increase your protein intake and in order to actually see your results in the mirror you will have to reduce your body fat percentage, to single digits if at all possible. Therefore it is vital to have a strict low fat high fibre and protein rich diet. I would always advise having all your meals planned well in advance in order to reduce the risks of “snacking” Read More ...

Shoulder Impingement Not Funny

I have been trying for several months to see the funny side of a shoulder impingement and so far without any luck. If you have managed to acquire one of these, and around 30% of us will at some time in our lives, then you will be painfully aware of exactly what I am talking about.

I tore my left rotator cuff lifting something that was too heavy. I was trying to be clever and save my back muscles so decided to lift some flat packed furniture with my arms perfectly straight, just bending my knees. The result was that all the weight pulled straight down on my shoulder, stretching and tearing my supraspinatus tendon, one of the four muscles that make up my rotator cuff.
It just happens to be the muscle that runs through a channel of bone in your shoulder. Because it moves through this channel with fairly small tolerances, any swelling ends up with the tendon getting pinched every time you use this muscle.

You very quickly start to realise that although you have been completely unaware of your rotator cuff up ’til now you actually use it nearly all the time. You use it when you lift a cup of coffee – painful, you use it when you tuck your shirt into your trousers – painful, you use it when you scratch your head, reach up, reach out to the side, put your coat on, brush your teeth. Life has suddenly become painful. Like I said, no laughing matter. A grown woman being helped into her clothes by her partner all because she pulled a muscle. Read More ...

Fingers Facts

Our hands are the tools with which we manipulate our environment. They define us in our occupations, entertain us with our hobbies, and touch the people close to us. With their constant use, our hands are bound to have a variety of cuts, bumps, and bruises. Most of these heal without need for medical attention. However, there are some injuries, initially perceived as minor, which can become severe problems if left untreated:

Finger Problems

Mallet finger: This is a problem when the tip of the finger gets bent suddenly. The tendon that straightens the finger tears off the bone or it may take a small piece of bone with it. At first, the finger may be only slightly bent at the tip, but this often worsens over time. The tendon then shortens and pulls on some additional fibers called the lateral bands. These bands can tighten at the middle joint in the finger and keep it from bending. This is called a swan neck deformity and it can severely limit hand function. Prompt treatment, keeping the fingertip fully straight for several weeks, can prevent developing a swan neck deformity.
Jersey finger: This is a problem when the grasping hand gets pulled suddenly and the tip of the finger is forcibly extended. Similar to a mallet finger, the flexor tendon ruptures off the bone or may take a fragment of bone with it. This often neglected injury causes little difficulty at first-just loss of bend at the tip of the finger. However, over time, the tendon can scar and contract. Since all 4 fingers share a common muscle, the scarring and shortening can limit motion of the other fingers causing weakened grip. Treated with early surgery and proper post-operative rehabilitation, these fingers can have near normal function.
Boutonniere deformity: This is a problem that can result from a “jammed” finger or dislocation. The middle knuckle can be injured by an impact to the tip or hyperextension, often involving a ball. Most fingers do well with minimal splinting and early motion. However, if the extensor tendon tears off the middle bone segment, the lateral bands can tighten to bend the middle knuckle and hyperextend the fingertip. This deformity can become very tight so that the finger no longer moves. Early splinting and hand therapy can prevent progressive deformity.
Nerve injury: A simple cut should not cause numbness for more than a brief period related to swelling and shock to the nerve. Within a couple of days, feeling should return. If numbness is present, particularly if it is the area just past the wound, it should be evaluated. While the numbness may not be bothersome nor limiting, a painful ball of nerve fibers, called a neuroma, can develop. Nerves heal better if repaired early, while the cut is fresh.
A visit to your physician or a hand specialist can determine if an injury requires splinting, therapy, or surgery. If you have concerns, get it checked! It may not be “just a finger.”

Sinusitis Home Remedies

You’ve been feeling down lately. You got a stuffy and congested nose. Your head aches upon waking up, you feel tired, and your muscles ache. To top it all, your nose drips, and your breath smells rotten. How embarrassing!
These are symptoms of sinusitis. At times, it is accompanied by a cough and fever and usually lasts for more than ten days. However, sinusitis isn’t severe in most cases.
Inflamed Sinuses
Your sinuses are air cavities inside the bones that surround your nose. They can become inflamed or infected by airborne pollutants such as pollen, bacteria, virus, or fungi that reach the deepest recesses of your sinuses. As a result, swelling and congestion around your nose and face ensue. The swelling obstructs the openings of your sinuses and prevents the mucus to drain out normally into your nose. This causes pressure in your sinuses. Consequently, you feel excruciating frontal headache, pain around your eyes and facial pain. The pain is intense upon waking up in the morning or when you bend forward.

Unbeatable Remedies For Sinusitis

Here are some useful proven home remedies to alleviate your pain.
1. Eat the right foods and shun foods that aggravate your condition. Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. Phytochemicals and antioxidants in your food boost your immune system, reduce swelling and lessen mucous production. Eating more than five servings or more can do wonders to your sinusitis. Here are some phytochemicals and food that can help.
Quercetin- This bioflavonoid is found in apples and red onion skin. It reduces the swelling around your nasal passages. Its anti-histamine like effect decreases mucous production.
Bromelain – Pineapples are rich in bromelain. Bromelain is an enzyme that can also relieve swelling and nasal mucous.
Ginger- Take 1-2 teaspoons of ginger extract or ginger juice to reduce inflammation and swelling. Ginger inhibits inflammation.
Garlic- Garlic is famous for its antibacterial properties. You can just consume some chopped raw garlic or add it in your salads. Also, you can concoct garlic paste by soaking 4 bulbs of garlic. Inhale the smell. It will unclog your stuffy nostrils and sinus passages.
Eat vegetables and fruits rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a potent anti-oxidant and decreases allergic reaction through it inhibitory effect on histamine, the allergic mediator that also causes swelling. Experts say Vitamin C when sourced from foods than from synthetic ones are much more effective. So consume lots of veggies and fruits like oranges, grapefruit, guavas, strawberries, broccoli, Brussels sprout, bell pepper, parsley, and others.
Avoid foods that encourage mucus formation. Dairy like milk, cheese, and butter can increase congestion. These include highly processed and refined carbohydrates and sweets like candies and chocolate.
2. Take a good rest. With rest, your body has all the chances of fighting your sinus infection, and you can recover quickly.
3. Increase your fluid intake. Take warm water or juice at least 8 glasses or more. Adequate fluid intake will thin and help drain mucus secretions. Avoid caffeine and alcohol. They can dehydrate you. Also, alcohol can worsen the swelling of your nasal and sinus mucosa.
4. Steam inhalation- Lean over a bowl of boiling water, drape a towel over your head to accumulate steam, and then inhale the soothing steam. Do this twice daily for about 15 minutes. Also, a hot shower can release steam you can inhale while you take a hot rejuvenating shower. The warm moist air enters your nasal passages and blocked sinuses and relieves congestion and pressure. The steam additionally will thin the mucus making it easier to expel.
5. Apply a warm compress over your face- Dampen face towels with hot water and apply on your cheeks, eyes, and nose. It will alleviate your facial pain.
6. You can rinse your nasal passages. The procedure is called a nasal lavage. Utilize a squeeze bottle, a neti pot or bulb syringe. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. This process will wash your clogged sinuses of dried mucous and other debris.
7. Reduce nasal and sinus congestion by adding pillows when your sleep to elevate your head. This facilitates mucous drainage too.
Consult your ENT Specialist
These are proven effective home remedies for simple uncomplicated sinusitis. However, if you’ve consulted an Ear Nose Throat (ENT) specialist follow any treatment regimen he or she advises together with these home remedies. If you haven’t and you think that your sinusitis isn’t improving and complications are setting in, the best option is to seek the professional services of an ENT specialist.

Tennis Elbow Problems

Despite its name,” tennis elbow” can affect anyone who does any activity that has repetitive motions of the wrist or forearm. You could even call it Golfer’s Elbow for that matter as it very well could affect golfers too.
It is a very painful condition that is described as inflammation and pain on the outside part of your upper arm near your elbow. In more severe cases there could also be tendon damage as in torn tendons which connect your muscle to your bone. Ouch!! So, that’s what is is so, let’s look at some of the symptoms of tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow and some tips on how to get elbow pain relief.
Some of the more common symptoms of this condition are;
1) pain when you try to lift something, e.g., A coffee mug,
2) pain coming from the outside of the elbow to the forearm and back of the hand when you try to twist or grasp anything and
3) pain that continues to get worse rather than better.
Your doctor would not typically suggest an x-ray as this would show everything as normal and not detect the problem. He/she might apply pressure on the tendon in the area to see if that is where the issue is.
The body can heal itself on this one depending on the severity of the injury, but there are ways that you can help it along the process. You want to take this route first and avoid having surgery if possible right? I thought so.
Here are some steps that you can take to heal and get rid of the painful symptoms of tennis elbow:
Limit Use of the affected arm – some actually put their arm in a splint for a few weeks in an effort to limit the activity for that arm to allow the healing process to take place

Heat Therapy – using heat pads applied to the area helps the blood to circulate more in that area which promotes healing.

Cold Therapy – you can actually alternate hot and cold therapy as well as use them in sync with each other. In other words, first apply the hot, then the cold, then the hot again and so on for maybe a half hour every day. This boosts the blood circulation in the area. Read More ...

Antibiotics Becoming The Issue

Once upon a time when penicillin first came out, it routinely worked for many infections in tiny doses. Today, it is all but useless for bacterial infections no matter how large the dose. What happened? Penicillin was prescribed for non-bacterial inflammation. People would take a couple of pills when they felt bad, then stop when they felt better. With a sub-optimal dose, the bacteria easily learned to modify their genetic makeup and are no longer bothered by this drug.
The same thing has happened with most of the second and third generation antibiotics. Today, when we send a throat culture to the laboratory, out of ten drugs tested, we are lucky if one or two antibiotics show up that the bacteria is sensitive to.

Typical Examples Of Antibiotic Overuse

Typically this is what happens:
John Kirk, 34-year-old programmer, saw his doctor for a bad cold. The doctor recommended rest in bed and tea, lemon and honey. But John insisted that he needed to get well because he was going on vacation. They discussed back and forth and finally the doctor gave in and gave him a prescription for Augmentin.
John’s doctor knew that antibiotics were not indicated here, but patients were waiting and it only takes 45 seconds to write the prescription. Besides, if he doesn’t write the prescription, John Kirk might take his business elsewhere.
John started the Augmentin and when he got to Hawaii he felt better so he stopped it. When he returned to work he felt a little sore throat and took Augmentin for one day. Next day he felt okay so he stopped. A week later, there was a party he wanted to go to, so he took one day of Augmentin on Friday to be well for the Saturday party. At the party he met Louise and kissed her, and made a date for next Friday. Her mother called on Thursday to tell him that Louise was in the hospital with a bacterial infection that didn’t respond to Augmentin and, instead, was receiving intravenous antibiotics, but they were very worried because it was affecting her hearing.
In another common example, Mrs. Alice Smith, was given a prescription for 40 pills for her ear infection. After she took fifteen pills she felt better and stopped the pills. Now, every time one of her children is sick, she gives them a day or so of the medicine that got her well. This is making the bacteria in her family drug resistant.

Any time you take a less that lethal dose, you can generate a resistant bacteria. Not only does the bacteria become resistant to that antibiotic, but also to the whole family of similar antibiotics. Read More ...

Great Advice To Discover A Good Dentist

dental careMany individuals feel embarrassed about their poor dental hygiene. Lots of people think dental care is a pain. This is simply isn’t the situation.Your smile can be marvelous if you spend some time on dental hygiene every day. Continue reading to understand some terrific techniques for tips to assist you in achieving excellent oral health.

Try to always brush for about two minutes when you’re brushing your teeth. You just aren’t able to reach every one of the nooks and crannies inside your mouth where plaque wants to hide. Make sure that you have adequate time every day and evening to brush correctly twice daily.

Consider using a different toothpaste if you have troubles with sensitive teeth when eating very cold or hot foods. However, before you do this, see your dentist. Your dentist will be able to rule out all of the other conditions that may be causing your teeth sensitivity. Read More ...

Health Benefits of Raspberries

If you want to lose weight this year you might want to take a look at Raspberry Ketone, a dietary supplement which has taken the world by storm and getting some great coverage on the tv and internet. This is a supplement which looks to be getting some good results and some fantastic testimonials. If you want to lose weight in a controlled manner then this may be for you.

Raspberry Ketones assist you to deal more easily with the weight loss challenges we all suffer from. This can include managing those awful cravings, cranking up your metabolism and assisting on burning that excess fat in your body. If you want to manage the cravings you have to realise that eating less can cause the body to resist and create situations where you  feel desperate for chocolate and cheese or anything else bad you fancy. The process of overcoming those cravings can be hard and take a long time to adjust to, but the beauty of  Raspberry Ketone is that it helps you to trick the body into thinking that everything is the same and allows you the time to adjust to the new environment you are creating for it. A lot of people try to make this adjustment by eating a lot more fibre and drinking water but that can be hard timewise and takes some doing so Rasberry Ketones fills the gap by making the body feel fuller than it actually is.

The other good thing about ketones comes from the ability to detoxify those bodily elements which lower metabolism. Some toxins come from your diet, others from your environment and Raspberry Ketones help in detoxification which speeds up the body functions and helps increase metabolism which in turn helps burn more fat and calories. Read More ...

Confidential Info on GERD That Only the Experts Know About

The Little-Known Secrets to GERD

What isn’t questioned is whether acid reflux is uncomfortable. Acid reflux is quite common in infants. If it is caused by an underlying medical condition, proper treatment is enough to relieve the symptoms. Though an acid reflux is something which occurs to the majority of people occasionally, an individual may have no important difficulties. Acid reflux in newborns isn’t an uncommon disorder, in rather young children heartburn is brought on by an immature digestive tract which causes stomach acid to regurgitate in the esophagus.


Most Noticeable GERD

Hydrochloric acid is crucial for good digestion. It is a very strong and corrosive substance. It can help to lower acid during the evening. It is thought that acetic acid is to blame for curing many health troubles. Read More ...

The Number One Question You Must Ask for Restless Legs

The Number One Question You Must Ask for Restless Legs

New Questions About Restless Legs

There are several individuals who experience leg cramps frequently, lots of which can result from restless legs syndrome. Some patients don’t feel anything, but possess the express demand to transfer their legs. This will assist in decreasing the pressure in your legs, thereby enabling better circulation and supplying a peaceful slumber to you.

Going to be bed straight away because you’re feeling tired won’t help you to fall asleep. There’s an overwhelming impulse to move your legs. Characterized through an uncomfortable, and at times prickling, itching or painful within the legs and an uncontrollable urge to move the legs, restless legs syndrome is among the most average reasons for sleeplessness. The major flag of restless leg syndrome may be the deep want to move about, chiefly since your legs feel quite uncomfortable.

Restless Legs Read More ...